Cupboards and Doors

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Of course the walls and ceiling of your home are very much fixed in place and can only be painted as they stand. But some items in your home, such as cupboard door, furniture, shelves, can be taken outside for cleaning and painting. This tends to make the process and clean a little easier.
Cupboard doors tend to accumulate grease because they constantly come into contact with our hands. This is especially true of kitchen cupboards, which also accumulate grease from cooking fumes. The surface of these cupboards must be thoroughly cleaned before painting. Trying to paint over a greasy surface will result in flaking or bubbled paintwork.
Cupboards should be cleaned with sugar soap to remove grease and grime. Any stubborn grease can be removed with turps or acetone, which will probably remove the old paint as well. It may be nessesary to apply undercoat and
Cupboard Door Painting
  1. Doors can be removed from the cupboards. Make a note of where each door came from.
  2. Remove and handles. These might benefit from a cleaning.
  3. Take the cupboard doors outside
  4. Wash the doors with sugar soap to remove grease. Be thorough cleaning the areas around the handles as this is usually the dirtiest area.
  5. Clean and difficult areas with De-solve-It (citrus cleaner). As a last resort, use turpentine, or Acetone. Wear strong gloves when using these solvents.
  6. Apply undercoat to any areas of the cupboard where the paint has worn away.
  7. If necessary, sand the surface flat.
  8. Let the area dry.
  9. Paint with a brush or small roller. Two coats might be a good idea.
  10. After the paint dries, reattach the handles.
  11. Reattach the doors to the appropriate cupboard.
Gloss paint is often good for the kitchen as it resists staining and will not absorb grease. Eggshell paint is also reasonably good in these regards.

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Kitchen cupboards are a decent idea for a DIY project. They can be done in a day or two. We suggest using professionals if you want the whole home repainted, as this is a long term, time consuming project.