Room Colours

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The right colours can make all the difference to the look and feel of a room.
  • Light colours make the walls feel a little more spacious, while dark colours make the room feel a little mote closed in.
  • Warm colours make a room seem warmer, even in cooler weather. Conversely, rooms in hot tropic heat are often painted cool colours for the psychological cooling effect that this gives.
  • Blue, in various shades, is the most popular colour after white. This is a reasonably safe bet of you design a room that is to be used by other people. Blue will help make people feel centred, relaxed and serene.
  • There are many shades of blue. Pale blue is calming, deep blue is strong and analytical.
  • Green is another fairly safe bet. As long as it is not a drab green the green colour has an easy going, calming effect.
  • Red has vivid, stimulating energy. It is good for areas that have social gatherings. It may be a bit much for a bedroom, though red walls by dim lamplight is okay for sleeping.
  • Yellow is also good for energy. It has the feeling of uplifting sunshine. But this can be a little bit to outgoing for some people.
  • Purple has many shades. Lighter purples have a similar effect to blue. Darker shades of purple are rich, luxurious and sophisticated.
  • Orange is wholesome, vibrant and enthusiastic.
  • Brown is earthy and secure. It has a simple content feeling to it.
  • Pink is feminine, innocent and tranquil. Different individuals will love or loath a pink room.