Yellowing Paint

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One potential problem with house interior painting is the development of a yellow tint on the wall surface. This can be caused by a few different factor in the environment.
  • Some paints will go yellow if they are not exposed to light. This is evident in surfaces behind paintings, inside cupboards, or rooms without windows.
  • Some paints will yellow if exposed to heat. Walls behind stoves, heaters or fireplaces will go yellow.
  • Paint applied in cold, humid conditions will not cure correctly, and be prone to turning yellow.
  • Strong cleaning products, most especially ammonia, can damage some paints over time and cause yellowing.
  • If water based and oil based paints are drying in the same area the chemical fumes may interact and cause yellowing. This is uncommon, but it does occasionally occur.
Modern paints are far less prone to problems like yellowing. Older alkyd paints or oil based paints or varnishes were prone to yellowing under some conditions. Surfaces painted with these types of paint may show problems over time, so they should be repainted with modern materials. These surfaces are probably old enough by now to warrant repainting anyhow.

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