Adding Old Furniture

Beyond Wall Painting Sydney
Neat and suitable wall painting is a semi-permanent part of your home’s décor. We can add to and complement this with the right furniture, the right flooring material and perhaps a few paintings or wall decorations. 
Some people like to add a few do-it-yourself (DIY) projects to their house. This can be just the thing to personalize a home. DIY projects can be anything from a restored piece of furniture to using some reclaimed timber to make a shelf or plant stand.
  • Lengths of reclaimed timber can be hung on ropes for a hanging shelf. Great for a rustic look.
  • Reclaimed timber can be used to make a bookshelf. This can look modern if painted in bright colours, or rustic if given a dark stain.
  • Use adhesive tiles on the backboard of shelves for a different kind of look.
  • A plain wall can look very stylish with some decal. Silhouette decals are simple yet striking. 
  • Build some small shelves to go on the back of a work desk, to keep your workspace tidy. 
  • Window shutters can be painted wild colours to add some flair to the home. You don’t even have to have them on the windows. Use shutter as a bedhead, a cupboard door, or just a wall decoration.
  • Paint some boxes or crates to use a shelves.
  • Metallic lines across a wood or painted surface has a retrofuture look.
  • Dip the legs of wooden chairs or tables in a different paint to the rest of the furniture. The legs now have socks.
  • Old pallets are a good source of cheap wood. Build small tables and chairs.
  • Left over paint from major jobs if often enough to do a small to medium DIY job. A test pot of paint can do a chair or small table.
Wall Painting Sydney
Have an idea for your home décor? Talk to us, so we can help you reach your goals. We can get just the right paint work to provide the right background for your home décor plans. Complement this with the right furniture, perhaps including a few DIY projects.