Minimalism Painting Colours

Minimalism styles of décor have always had a certain appeal to some people. Homes with a minimalistic aesthetic can effectively feel like an oasis of calm contentment. People who live busy or complex lives may like this effect. Home can feel like a relaxing sanctuary away from their usual stresses.
The trick with minimalism is capturing the serene without becoming empty, boring or sterile. We try to do this by choosing a few select decorating elements that combine well, being neat, peaceful and avoiding clutter.
An extreme minimalism is white walls with black accents. But muted hues are almost always better. The concept works on clean lines with simple colour palettes. 
Minimalism House Painting Sydney
Some good paint schemes for minimalism include:
  • Sand Brown
  • Alaska Blue Grey
  • Dover White
  • Deep Grey
  • Cool Sunshine Orange
  • Mauve

Combinations include:
  • White with blue trim
  • Crème with brown trim
  • White with woodgrain trim, including timber floors.
  • White with chocolate brown trim
  • White, grey and pink

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