Polished Glossy Trim

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The type of paint we see on cars, pianos, electric guitars and some other expensive items looks different to the type thing we see in house interior painting. Most vehicles and some luxury items have a very glossy shiny paint finish. This can be achieved with expensive paint that undergoes heat treatment, or with a surface that is then given a clear super glossy coating. This type of glossy look can also be achieved by applying a few tricks to conventional glossy paint.

There is probably nobody who wants a super gloss finish on their house interior painting walls. But this type of shiny look can suit a railing on a staircase, or some bookshelves, or occasionally some types of furniture. But it takes some effort, so it is probably best suited to small projects. 

Achieving Super Glossy Paint Surfaces.
Cars that have suffered paint fading can have their surfaces restored with cut and polish. This literally grinds away a tiny amount of surface off the paint, revealing the untouched paint below. This untouched surfaces can be polished to a mirror finish.
Ordinary enamel paint can be given a similar shiny look with cut and polish. But it is difficult and time consuming to achieve a really strong mirror shine with just cut and polish techniques, so the addition a clear glossy coat will help. 
Note- if the polish on the paint it too smooth the clear gloss will not bond and quickly flake off the surface. Only polish the paint to a matt chalky finish.
To get a Mirror gloss painted finish on timber:
  • Paint the surface with a strong enamel paint. 
  • A second and third coat can be applied over the next few days.
  • After drying, inspect the paint for any imperfections. Sand these away with wet and dry paper.
  • After leaving the paint for a few days to dry you can use a cutting compound to lightly buff the surface.
  • These cutting compounds are available at auto shops and hardware stores.
  • If the paint surface is already shiny, use a mildly abrasive cutting compound 
  • The abrasive cleaning compounds used for cleaning bathroom sinks works effectively as a cutting compound on paint.
  • After the cutting compound gives you a matt, chalky finish on the paintwork, clean the object and let it dry overnight.
  • Use a clear gloss spray paint to give the paintwork a super glossy finish.  Polyurethane gloss is one of many good clear gloss options. 
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Mirror gloss paint might be too extreme for large surfaces. But it can look great as decorative trim. And it makes any little DIY project look quite impressive.