Rust Painting

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Outdoor railings, fences and other fixtures are sometimes made of iron or steel. Being exposed to the elements this type of metal fixture is invariably going to rust unless precautions are taken. Likewise, aluminium and stainless steel, which are usually quite rust resistant, will start to corrode when exposed to ocean salt or other more extreme conditions. These metals must be protected if they are to last any period of time.

Kilrust paint, or the equivalent type of product form a rival manufacturer, will offer significant protection against rust. When painted on already rusted surfaces this paint will prevent further rust while giving a greatly improved appearance.
As long as a metal object only has rust on the surface, as long as the piece has structural integrity, it can be made useful again with rust proof paint.
The basic procedure for a rusted metal object is:

  • Any surface rust on bare metal must be removed, or at least minimized. Remove this rush with a stiff wire brush or a rotating wire wheel on a power tool.
  • Roughen any smooth surface on the metal with some 400 grit sandpaper.
  • If necessary, protect any surface that is not to be painted with masking tape.
  • Clean the surface with a solvent. A wax or grease remover is suitable. Then wipe it with a clean cloth.
  • After the surface dries, apply the primer. This may be a spray or a brush & can paint.
  • When the primer is dry, apply the main gloss paint. This will dry to a moderate appearance in a few hours. Wait 24 hours before re-coating.
  • The paint will take on a full gloss appearance after applying the second coat of main gloss. 
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Outdoor metal fixtures such as fences and railings, occasionally even garden furniture, benefit from rust proof painting. Even fixtures already suffering from rust can be bought back to useful life with Kilrust paint.