Spray Painting

House Interior Painting
Spray painting is a good option for some situations. With a moderate amount of skill it can produce very a smooth paint finish in minimal time.
There are two general types of spray painting. One uses an airgun with a compressor, the other uses canned spray paint.
Airgun with compressor painting tend to be used for high end manufacturing work. The equipment is expensive, but this is the best choice for painting cars, musical instruments, and industrial mass production items. 
Spray paint cans are good for small and moderate sized items, as well as for items with very fine detail. They produce good smooth paintwork with moderately little to clean up. There are no brushes or bottles of turps, just a spray can and some old newspapers

Sydney Painting Spray Can
Spray cans come in countless colours and finishes, including gloss, satin and matt and textured. There are also metallic and faux metal spray paints. Choose the paint finish that  you want for your item.
Spray cans may be optimised for particular surfaces. Some work well for metal, and even rusted surfaces. Other work well for all surfaces. A spray primer can often be used to ensure the spray will work on the surface you are painting.
  • Clean the surface you are going to paint. Make sure to remove all grease.
  • Always paint in a well ventilated room. Outdoors is preferable.
  • Cover any exposed surfaces that are not to be painted 
  • Use a primer if required, and wait for it to completely dry. (See the instruction on the back).
  • Shake the spray can for a minute before using, to mix the paint well.
  • Hold the can about 30 cm from the surface you wish to paint.
  • Spray the surface to be painted from right to left, making several passes, going slightly past the surfaces on each pass.
  • Make each coat very light. Thick coats will sag and drip.
  • Overlap each pass with the paint form the previous pass. Overlap should be about 30%.
  • When finished, turn the can upside down and spray till the paint stops and there is only air expelled. This should only take a few seconds. This cleans the paint nozzle.

    Painting Services Sydney
    Commercial Painters Sydney wide usually use brush and roller paint. But spray paint is useful for some situations. Spray paint is popular for DIY hobbyists.