Backgrounds And Decor

Styles of décor change over time as culture and technology change. Some ideas come and go, others prove to be more permanent. 

An older style of décor, perhaps rather European in origin, was to have immaculate decoration in every part of the room – banisters, staircases and furniture was elaborately carved, and walls were covered with fine pictures and detail. This fashion is less popular today, initially changing when plain painted walls gave way to wallpaper. Wallpaper was detailed, and detailed decorations combined with detailed wallpaper was so overwhelmingly detailed that rooms felt cluttered. But as wallpaper has become less common it may be time to look at detailed decors again. 

House Interior Painting
Fashionable plain walls in the house allows home owners to add decorate over this simple yet pleasing backdrop. Paintings, posters, shelves of display items and decals all work well without making a room feel too cluttered. Yet we should not think the look of the walls is unimportant. The right colour is imperative, setting the tone for the whole room. Certainly a bad paintjob will compromise the overall effect. 

Textured House Painting Sydney
One partial exception to this plain background is textured or patterned paint. Painters sometimes use a Rag to give a wall or other surface two tone effect. Else, walls can feature printed patterns or silhouettes. Providing too much detail here, especially irregular detail, tends to look bad. But simple, open designs and neat patterns can work quite well.

Decals and Wall Painting Sydney
Decals can be very effective on walls. And as decals can be customized there is no end of possibilities. Indeed, anybody with a computer and printer can produce their own original decals. Anything from simple silhouettes to photorealistic scenes can produce pleasing results. This decal application will tend to define a room’s look, so investing some time and effort is necessary in order to get the look you want.  Decals will require a room to have well painted walls. 

Commercial Painters Sydney
Commercial painters can provide the neat, colour co-ordinated look for the walls of your home. Use this as a backdrop for the décor you have always wanted.