Bathroom Wall Painting Sydney
Bathrooms are different to most other house interior painting. The Bathroom will have moisture in the air, so the paint will have to be able to accommodate this.

Glossy Sydney Painting Bathrooms
While most house painting services Sydney wide will use matt or eggshell finish on the majority of interior walls they will usually approach the bathroom separately. Matt paint hides imperfections well, but is rather average when it comes to grease, moisture and stains. Glossy paint is better for resisting stains, with most grease simply wiping off. Eggshell finish paint is reasonably good here as well. Bathrooms are often painted with gloss to help prevent moisture and soap stain problems.

Tiles and Wall Painting
Bathroom surfaces use a lot of porcelain and tiles. The colour of these hard surfaces cannot be changed (short of actually replacing the tiles) so a suitable wall paint has to be chosen to match the tile colour scheme.
White tiles and porcelain are the easiest to design for. Almost any paint colour works with white tile trim.
Dark glossy paint can look good with white tiles. Imagine you bathroom with deep blue, red, purple walls and white tile trim.
Light colour paint can also work. A pascal paint with white trim is very peaceful.
Else, some bathrooms have tiles that look like wood or stone. If they are dark and textured tiles the can be offset nicely with crème or other pale colours. Lighter colour tiles can work well with neutral colours, with the paint work staying in the background. Fancy looking tiles should not be dominated by vivid colours.

Lighting and House Interior Painting.
Whatever the colour scheme a bathroom benefits from good lighting. Consider skylights, bright white lights, heating lights and dimmable red light for late night use (red light prevents insomnia).

House Painting Sydney
Talk to any commercial painters Sydney has, and they will tell you the importance of getting the right bathroom paint job.
A well-built bathroom should last for years. This is mostly a matter of good grouting and tile work, but it helps to complement this with a pleasant colour scheme.