Feature Wall

Of course you can transform your home with a complete repainting. But sometimes we can also change the look of a whole room by simply changing one element. A few small painting jobs can have a strong positive effect of a room or the outside appearance of a home. 
Feature Wall Painting Sydney
The older European home décor style of filling bit of space with detail is not very popular these days – it tends to make the interior space feel cramped.  But a room with one detailed wall can look quite stylish. This is termed a feature wall. 
A feature wall can be as simple as a bright coloured wall in a white room. 
Else, a feature wall can use a lot of shelving to display small items. The shelving will probably need painting or staining.
A printed scene can be effective on a single wall. If it is an outdoor scene it will make the room feel bigger. A few small specialist companies exist to produce wall or door size pictures.
A wall of open brickwork can also work as a feature wall. The bricks are often painted. The brickwork can be decorated.
Timber panelling is another feature wall option. Timber can be painted, but staining is probably a better option as it keep the natural look of the wood.
Sydney Painting
House interior painting need not mean a major renovation. Consider repainting a wall or element of a room to give the appearance a little boost.