Hot Weather Home Painting Sydney

Hot Weather Home Painting Sydney
Paint is designed to cure at a moderate rate in order to for a durable surface finish.

Unfortunately there can be problems in hot weather as the paint will cure (dry) too rapidly. This can lead to peeling, flaking paintwork.

Below 30 degrees Celsius there should be no issue with external painting. Above about 33 degrees there can be issues.  - Check the paint manufacturing guide. Some paint will be acceptable in hot weather.

- Use the hotter parts of the day for preparation rather than actual painting. Hot weather is good for power washing. Paint in the cooler part of the afternoon, so paint can dry overnight.

- Remember that house surfaces will still be hot even as the temperature is decreasing.

There will almost always be one side (or wall) of the house in the shade. This is usually the coolest surface and the easiest to paint.

- External shutters and doors can be removed before painting. Use the hotter part of the day for painting these items by moving them indoors (e.g.: in a garage or basement).

- Sometimes it is simply better to wait for more moderate weather.