House Interior Painting

Homeowners often either want to make the most of their space, or make the space feel bigger. It is usually not difficult to achieve at least one of these. The right wall colour and layout can make a room look and feel very different.

Sydney Painting Ceilings
High ceiling are preferred by most people. They convey a sense of freedom and space. A ceiling that feels higher can help convey the same feeling of space, even as the actually space is slightly limited. A few tricks help here.

A light coloured ceiling is the most obvious trick. There are very few dark ceilings because light colours, usually white or crème, just feel more open. Some people find that sky blue is also effective here.

A mirror is an old trick for adding space, though this is difficult with a ceiling. But adding a mirror to one of the walls will make a low ceiling room feel bigger. Windows can also be effective.

Else, painting the walls and ceiling the same light colour can blur the line between height and width.

Wall Painting Sydney
Light and cool tones can make a room look and feel larger. This works best with natural lighting. As always windows, mirrors and even a skylight helps here. Else, electric lighting that mimics natural lighting is the next best option.

Long Room House Painting Sydney
Occasionally a room looks to long; the shape of the room does not fit our sense of proportion. There are several ways to deal with this. Some people add a cupboard or walk-in-pantry, effectively making that side of the room smaller. Else, Darker colours on the walls of the walls furthers apart, with a window, mirror or printed image on the other walls, can change the perceived dimensions of the room.

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