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On the verge of the Summer hot weather it is a good time consider some outdoor renovations. Paint or stain your garden furniture and decking so it will be ready for the sunny weather ahead.

Before painting or staining the wooden decks and furniture should be inspected for damaged wood or protruding nails and screws. These are a safety issue and should be fixed before attempting anything else.

Screws need to be tightened or replaced, nails hammered into place. Holes and cracks in wood can usually benefit from wood filler. Rotten wood boards must be replaced.

A good surface sanding of wooden structures might make all the difference, especially if you want to change the colour. 

There are several stain options for wood:

Semi-transparent allow the grain to shine through, so wood still look organic.

Solid colour will still show the wood texture but not the wood grain. With the right colour to match the garden this can be very effective. White and pascal colours are popular.

The solid colours have an advantage in protecting the timber from UV rays. This can help the paint and wood last up to 4 years before recoating is necessary.

Two coats of paint or stain are recommended.

Water-based stains are virtually odour free, especially outdoors, and make for easy clean up with plain soap and water.
House Painting Sydney
In addition to house interiors and exteriors there are other aspects of the home that can be painted. Wooden decking, gazeboes, stairs, pool decking, railings, barbeque settings and other wooden structures all benefit from stains or painting.