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House Interior Painting      
The interior walls of most houses use matt or eggshell paint. This type of paint finish hides imperfections quite well. It also tend to look good in many different kinds of light. The only disadvantage it once had was difficulty in cleaning, because gloss finish paints tended to be better in this regard. But modern eggshell finish paint is much easier to clean than older types of wall paint.

Kitchen Painting Services Sydney
Glossy finish painting has traditionally been preferred in kitchens; greasy stains from cooking are easier to remove form glossy finish paint. This is less of an issue today as eggshell finish paint is almost as easy to clean as full gloss paint. Still, some prefer the look of gloss paint, which may complement the shiny look of kitchen tiles and porcelain.

Wall Painting Sydney
Walls are often a uniform colour; many home owners choose plain walls and decorate with pictures or display shelves, feeling that vividly coloured walls don’t work as a pleasing background. But there are methods that take the painted walls a step up from plain colours.
Two Colours – Contrasting of complementary colours. Light and dark – Paint the walls a pascal colour, with a darker glossy version of the same colour on the skirting boards and trim.
Brush Patterns – Paint the walls a dark colour, then dry brush a lighter colour over the top.
Rag or Sponge– a rag or sponge can be used to create patterns on a painted wall.

Painting Services Sydney
A good paint job can completely transform a room or house’s interior. There are countless options. Talk to your painter, and spend your life in a house that you enjoy the look of.