Metallic and Chrome

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Shiny metallic and chrome paint are rarely used for the main walls of house interior painting. But they can be effective for other parts of the décor, for decorations and small items of furniture. Items painted with metallic of chrome paint will tend to be quite vivid, but this can be good in small quantities.

Metallic Paint is produced by suspending powdered metal in an oil base solution. This type of paint has been around for centuries, but modern manufacturing processes are now far superior to older paint production methods, giving paint with far more effective coving ability. Older metallic paints had a glitter effect, basically some metal flakes in the base colour. Newer styles of metallic paint are coloured entirely by the metal flake. 

Sometimes the more delicate metallic colour of paint is preferable for a certain décor. This may be termed metal flake. It adds a certain amount of powdered metal to be mixed with a thinning agent before being added to the base paint. The process requires some skill lest clumping and air bubbles form. Calculating the right proportion if also difficult. And it is rather difficult to make a second batch of paint with the same properties as the first. Any painting projects should use just one batch of paint.

The size of the flake is a factor in its appearance. Coarse flakes look quite brilliant. Fine flakes look more flat and dull, like matt paint. These roughly correspond to two different decors – Bright and glossy or antique matt and rustic. 

Coating metallic paint with gloss will give the illusion of depth. Glossy metallic paints look very thick and lush with a good glossy coat. 

Chrome painting gives a mirror like finish. This can be achieve on some surfaces with a spray device, though the best result come from a more complex chrome painting process.

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Railings, small furnishings, light stands, frames and other components of a room can be very effective with a metallic finish. The colour décor of the roo should be planned to match this metallic look.