Perceived Size and internal House Painting

Of course paint colour can change the whole look of a room. So we choose to paint the room’s walls for the look we want, perhaps considering other decoration that will go in the room latter on. But part of the look created by different colour paint is the perceived size of a room. We usually want a room to feel more open and larger, though occasionally we might want a bedroom or study to have a warm and cosy feel. Else, a room might already feel big, so adding or subtracting to the perceived size is not a priority; we can choose colours for other reasons. 

Generally cool light tones and shades will make a small room feel bigger, or at least more ‘open’. This is because the light tones make use of the natural light. Adding more light in the form of lamps or windows adds to this effect. Using one colour for the whole room also helps as the edges of the room are less noticeable, giving a ‘continuous’ feel to the surroundings.

A room will feel smaller if it is cluttered with detail. If it is literally cluttered with furniture it will literally have less space. But if the walls are cluttered with small decorations then the room will feel like it has less space, though this is just an illusion. This can also be seen with detailed wallpaper 

An exception to the notion that details make rooms look smaller is the use of a full wall decoration. If an entire wall has an outdoor landscape scene of any large picture that suggests space then the room will feel larger as if it joins the outside scenery.  A large mirror on the wall has a similar effect. 
Long rooms
A room that is disproportionality long might look more appealing if the far walls are closer. This is not changing the perceived size of the room so much as changing its perceived proportions. Is the far apart walls are painted a dark toned colour and the closer walls painted a lighter tone colour the room will seem to be less long and better proportioned.
High ceilings
A low ceiling can make a room feel cramped. This effect is so profound that people have been found to think differently in a low ceiling room; people literally are more open minded when there are higher ceilings.

Painting the ceiling the same colours as the walls will partially hide the edges, making the room seem higher. A mirror or image of a blue sky with clouds can be very effective for raising the perceived roof if these suit the desired decor of the room. 

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