Prioritise the Exterior Painting

It is easy to get behind on the general maintenance of the house. But the external upkeep of the house, including the painting, is not something you would want neglect. Damaged wood and gaps in sealant can lead to serious problems.  Do a general inspection of the house’s exterior. Look for areas where the paint is flaking off or peeling away. More importantly, look for damaged wood, or any area where the paint has lifted from the surface – this is evidence of moisture problems. Any rotten wood needs to be replaced, and the cause of the rot should be addressed.  Also look at the sealant or caulking, where the windows and door frames connect to the general woodwork. Any breaks in this are easy to fix with additional sealant, but the cause of any issues must be found - there is the possibility of moisture causing damage.  Use a small screwdriver or similar implement to test sealant, caulk and wood. If the screwdriver can be easily inserted into the surface then there is a problem, and the materials need replacement.
Minor repairs
After removing the cause of any moisture problems you can look at fixing or replacing any compromised surfaces. 

- Apply sealant / caulk to any gaps around windows, door frames or where stone / cement connects to woodwork.
- Sand down any suspect paint surface. Apply primer to any surfaces that are bare.
- Replace any boards that suffered rot. It is usually better to replace the board that to try repairing it. Then apply primer to the new board.
Commercial Painter Sydney
Proper surface preparation allows the professional painters to get the best painting results.  It is important to keep you house in good condition if you want it to last. Paint is the final touch on a well maintained house exterior.