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Most house interiors have at least one railing, usually on a staircase. Some homes have several. These railings are painted a little differently to the rest of the house interior.
House Interior Painting
Internal walls often use eggshell or matt paint. This provides a peasant neutral look that reflects minimal light without shine. Matt and eggshell paint covers any slight imperfections on a flat surface and modern eggshell is reasonably good for resisting stains.

Balustrades and railings are different to walls. They are subjected to a lot of physical handling from the people in the house, especially when located on stairways. Ideally the paint should accommodate this exposure to grease and contaminants. 

Glossy paint is ideal for railings and other surfaces that are subjected to a lot of grease and grime. The glossy surface is easier to clean than most paints, so staining is usually not an issue. And the only real disadvantage of glossy paint, the fact that it tends to show the imperfections of a flat surface, is not an issue on railings and balustrades as there are no flat surfaces being painted.
Preparation Commercial Painters Sydney
Railings and balustrades are usually wood or metal. These materials require a different primer. Once given the proper surface preparation with the right primer is it not too difficult to achieve good, long lasting results with railing. The paint must be applied with fine brushes rather than a roller, so the process is time consuming; occasionally a railing can be removed and spray painted elsewhere. But the results are worthwhile and long lasting.