Roller Painting

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Paint rollers are the most popular method for painting walls and large surfaces. Not only do they cover large surface areas in minimal time, they give an even paint surface that may be textured, but is free from brush strokes.

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Roller painting requires a tray with a ramp surface and an appropriate type of roller with a cover. Rollers consist of a two main parts:
  • There is the roller cage, the rotating skeletal frame with a handle.
  • The Roller cover, the fabric / cloth  surface that holds the paint
The roller cover comes in various sizes. These sizes should correspond to the roller frame. A 12 inch size is fairly standard (30 cm), but larger sizes are sometimes used. These large size rollers will cover larger areas with each stroke, but they can be heavier and more awkward to use, especially if painting for several hours per day. A 12 inch size is often considered the best balance between paint coverage and weight.

The thickness of the material on a roller is called the ‘nap’. This nap thickness effects the smoothness of the finished paint surface, with thinner naps giving smoother results. There are various nap thickness for rollers available, with the standards being a quarter inch (6-8mm) for gloss and semi-gloss paint, or a half inch (12mm) for matt or eggshell paint. Occasional very thick naps (20-32mm) are used for painting brickwork, concrete or other rough surfaces.

Roller Painting.
  • Wash the new roller sleeve to remove fuzz
  • Attach the sleeve to the frame
  • Partly fill the tray with paint.
  • Dip the roller to half its diameter into the paint.
  • Roll the roller across the ramp in the tray to spread the paint evenly over the roller surface.
  • Roll the paint across the wall surface to be painted with a large zig-zag pattern. Only cover a small section of the wall.
  • Fill in any gaps I the zig-zag pattern Before the paint has begun to dry, level off the finish with long parallel strokes.
  • The corners of the room should be done with a brush. This is usually done before using the roller brush.
If you have to rest, wrap the roller in cling wrap to prevent the paint form drying. Completely clean the roller when finished.
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Rollers for painting ceilings are usually 9 inch rather than 12 inch in length. This is because of the increased difficult in ceilings painting; painters will quickly find the weight of the roller held above head height to be very tiring. This weight is increased with the use of pole used to reach ceiling height. Matt paint is recommended for these surfaces.
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