Smaller Paint Projects

House Interior Painting
Homeowners may want to change their interior from time to time. Perhaps children have outgrown a room, perhaps it’s just time for a change.  We don’t have to change everything in a room to change the overall effect. Changing one major element, of maybe a few smaller elements, can alter the overall effect of the room. 
Door Painting
Repainting a door can liven a room up, or it can liven up the entrance to the house. As the door connects two rooms each side of the door can be painted and decorated in a different way. Other than painting the door might have a full length mirror, which makes the room feel bigger. Else, a printed scene on the back of a door is a popular trend. 
Hardwood Floors
Repainting the floor will totally change the look of the room. Hardwood floors lend themselves well to staining, re-staining or traditional painting. Lime washes on bare boards are another option.  Be careful planning a change of floor colour. This is one area where it is best to be conservative. Brown, crème, off-white and other neutral colours tend to be the best option. Bright colours should be saved for the walls and décor. 
Wall Painting Sydney
A room will look completely different if we change the colour of the wall. Often the interior walls are painted a uniform matt or eggshell colour. But variations include one colour wall with other walls bare white. Else, three walls can be a uniform colour and one wall can be used for decoration, or for bookshelves. Contrasts, decorations on one surface and other walls plain, often work well. 
Ceiling Sydney Painting
Ceilings are usually a neutral crème or white, designed not to intrude on the décor in the rest of the room. But sky blue ceilings can also work well. Sky blue can also work with clouds or other decorations. Children’s rooms can be decorated with decals of cartoon characters on a colourful ceiling.
House Painters Sydney
Want to live in a different interior? Talk to us about changes, big or small. We can repaint the whole house, or just tidy up a few elements. Enjoy a repainted and redecorated room.