Sydney Painting Primers

In many trades and projects it is fair to say that proper preparation is important and a major factor in achieving the best end result. One major preparation factor in painting is using the right primer or undercoat.
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Drywall Primer Probably the most common type used indoors, Drywall (AKA Gyprock) will act like a sponge and soak up most paints, giving a very poor result. Even worse, plaster joints in the wall will look different to the rest of the surface.
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Metal primer
Of course these allow paint to bond to most metal surfaces, but they also provide some protection against corrosion.

Rust Primer
These primers provide extra protection against corrosion, and can be used with metals that have already experienced some rust.

Etch Primer
Some metals, particularly rust proof metal like aluminium and galvanized steel, are difficult to paint; most paints and primers will not bind to the surface. Etch primer is used for these. Though it tends to be for outdoor items.

Wood Primer
 Indoor wooden structures, like railings, shelves, cupboard doors, skirting boards …etc. often need to be painted, or finished to preserve the natural wood appearance. If painted a primer in necessary, as most paint will not bond directly to the wood.

Wood can be painted the same colour as walls, but wooden trim often looks best when painted a darker, glossier version of the main wall colour. 

Masonry Primer
Tiles and masonry have a very smooth surface. If you want to paint them a masonry primer will be necessary.

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If you use one coat of Primer you can usually cover a whole surface with one coat of the final colour paint. This is much better than using two (or more) coats of the final colour, especially as primer is less expensive and faster drying.
Primer gives you a neat, neutral surface for painting your final colour. This means the final colour will look neat and bind well to the surface, giving a better looking and longer lasting result.