The Garage Doors

The garage door often suffers more weather damage than most parts of a house exterior. This may be for a combination of reasons, being as it is expected to withstand the sunshine both in an open and closed angle, and at least is occasionally expected to keep out rain when open. Just the fact that a door is a moving part subjects it to more stress than most solid walls. The wear on a garage door may be more noticeable with a brick or stone house because the rest of the building surface suffers very little damage. 

Is a garage door re-paintable? 

Of course a wooden garage door can be restored, though it is a little bit more finicky that any most paintable surfaces as garages tend to have at least some raised decorative surfaces. 

Often the surface of a wooden garage door is subject to peeling and blistering after year in the sun. Unlike other part of a house it cannot easily be shaded because the outside area must be left clear for vehicle access. So the garage door may be the most damaged painted building surface, and require significant striping and resurfacing for optimal results.

A wooden garage door will require:  
- Masking tape, if the raised decorative surface of the door uses a different colour.
- Sanding equipment
- Putty or filler
- Drop cloths
- Rags
- Sealer
- Rollers and broad brushes
- Fine paintbrushes for raised surfaces.

Metal garage doors are quite different to wooden mechanisms. Often the metal doors retract on rollers, so the door spends some time away from the weather elements; the door will not really be required to provide horizontal shelter from rain. Metal also ages quite differently over time. As such, the surface is far less prone to blistering and cracking paint.

Of course even the best quality metal doors will eventually show signs of wear. Owners who want to restore the original look of roller doors might need to consider replacing the whole system. The original painted finish on the metal roller doors is thermally bonded to the metal. This is not something that can be reproduced through conventional painting techniques.