Travel and Entertainment Colours

House Painting Sydney
We tend to paint out homes in pleasant but neutral colours. Yet we can expect restaurants, hotels and tourist destinations to be coloured very differently. But there is no rule saying that we cannot use some of these colour schemes in our own homes. The may have a great effect on our lifestyle. Some restaurant décor is based on red because this lifts our appetite. A house room with deep red walls can work well with white or cream fabrics, or décor that does not try to be bolder than the wall colour.  Bright yellow works well for breakfast rooms or sunrooms. It puts us in a good mood, rather like the sunrise. 

The right colour blue on the walls can look like the beach, or the sky. This works well with light, neutral furnishings.  Else, there’s no reason to stick with one colour; sky blue and sand yellow work well together. 

Else, simply painting a room in colours that remind you of a positive personal experience from your own past can be effective. This can give you a positive feeling, though the effect will probably not carry over to anybody else.