Spray Painting

House Interior Painting Spray painting is a good option for some situations. With a moderate amount of skill it can […]

Chalk and Sand Painting

House Interior Painting The wall, door and windowsill colours are part of the indoor painting décor. The internal furnishings, along […]

Easy Tiles

Wall Painting Sydney Most walls in your home use paintwork as the background setting, then add some decoration. Occasionally we […]

Rust Painting

External House Painting Sydney Outdoor railings, fences and other fixtures are sometimes made of iron or steel. Being exposed to […]

Polished Glossy Trim

Commercial Painters Sydney The type of paint we see on cars, pianos, electric guitars and some other expensive items looks […]

Minimalism Painting Colours

Minimalism styles of décor have always had a certain appeal to some people. Homes with a minimalistic aesthetic can effectively […]

Adding Old Furniture

Beyond Wall Painting Sydney Neat and suitable wall painting is a semi-permanent part of your home’s décor. We can add […]

Fixing Damaged Plaster

Fixing Damaged Plaster Interior and exterior walls occasionally need a little repair work before repainting. Even the best maintained home […]

Cupboards and Doors

The right colours can make all the difference to the look and feel of a room.